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For Homeowners Seeking Quiet Title

Breaking News for Homeowners Seeking Quiet Title:

According to an FDIC audit nearly 83% of mortgages survey contained legal errors and violations that could be helpful for homeowners who are interested in suing for quiet title to obtain clear and marketable title to their homes.

Do You Have One of Them?

CHANCES ARE GOOD YOUR MORTGAGE LOAN CONTRACT CONTAINS FRAUD. According to a government audit 83% of the mortgages contain legal violations and errors. Legal violations and errors, breaches of contract, appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, clouds on title, and other issues have caused a large number of mortgage transactions to be legally problematic for lenders attempting to foreclose. Furthermore these legal issues that exist in many mortgages can result in borrowers having legal grounds to sue for quiet title, breach of contract, or mortgage fraud.

If you are currently facing foreclosure, or you are interested in suing for quiet title (clear and free title to your home), we recommend that you take immediate action and register for a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis and Bloomberg Securitization Search using the intake form below; because we have partnered with FRAUD STOPPERS the Nations #1 Foreclosure Defense Company to analysis your mortgage loan documents for signs of fraud, and show you a proven way to save time and money (and increase your odds of success) suing for financial compensation for mortgage fraud, clear and marketable title to your home, or both!

Protect your property’s ownership using ‘Quiet Title’ Suit

Understanding Quiet Title

It is a well-known fact that the property matters are complex enough to require detailed attention. There are several factors to be taken into consideration to make sure the deal is fundamentally and legally solid. When it comes to a property’s title, factors which play an important role are-

  • Past ownership
  • Any disputes or murky transfers that can stall sales proceedings
  • Clouded titles etc

To help the home buyers clear a property’s title in the event that there is an issue, a Quiet title action suit is a helpful tool to safeguard the interests of the owners. The main aim of a quiet title suit is to establish free-and-clear ownership of the property along with resolving any defects found in a property title search.

Fraud Stoppers is a renowned name in the real estate industry that can help you save time and money, and also increases your odds of success in the property transactions.

What is Quiet Title?

A quiet title action is a legal procedure used in the property matters that seeks to “quiet” claims to the property so that an owner is guaranteed a clear and dispute-free title. Below are some of the basics of the Quiet Title-

  • For real estate professionals, it is essential to understand the process of Quiet Title fully as the process is highly effective in establishing the true ownership of the property.
  • A Quiet Title suit makes sure that any kind of property title issues such as a dispute recording errors, faulty title ownership etc are resolved.
  • The process is very crucial and effective in cases of alternative claims to ownership, where a quiet title action will establish which party legally owns the property.
  • For the Quiet Title actions, generally, a suit is pursued if there is a chance that someone in the future could lay claim to the property.
  • A quiet title action will make sure that ownership cannot be disputed in the future in any way. It acts as a legal tool that guarantees that the ownership is completely free and clear for future homeowners.

How does the process of Quiet Title work by Fraud Stoppers?

Fraud Stoppers offers a range of services including the suing for Mortgage and Foreclosure for fraud using the below products-

  • Legal education
  • Stop foreclosures Products & Services
  • Securitization audits
  • Mortgage fraud audits
  • Chain of Title Investigations
  • Turnkey Court Ready Quiet Title Lawsuit Package
  • Pro Se Support

A buyer, plaintiff or new homeowner can file an action, which will encompass all the parties involves in the property’s present or past whoever may have a claim to it.

One of the benefits of a quiet title action suit is that once the title is established and a determination has been made in favor of the plaintiff, there is no chance of challenging the title ownership in the future.


For a more comprehensive understanding of Quiet Title please read The Two Different Faces of Quiet Title here:

Learn How to Cancel Secured and Unsecured Debt Obligations through Strategic Litigation and Sue for Quiet Title So You Can Enjoy Clear and Free Title to Your Home.


Take action right now and get the help that you need to get the legal remedy that the law entitles you to, and that you deserve! REGISTER FOR A FREE QUIET TITLE ANALYSIS



Quiet Title If you or someone you know is behind on mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, or has lost a property to a foreclosure sale we recommend that you take action right now and contact FRAUD STOPPERS the Nations #1 rated foreclosure defense company because they will conduct a free mortgage fraud analysis and free Bloomberg securitization search to help you determine if you your mortgage loan contains legal violations, errors, or fraud. If you discover that your mortgage loan contains fraud you may have the legal standing to sue for breach of contract, quiet title, or wrongful foreclosure seeking financial compensation, clear and free title to your home, or both! Take action right now and register for your free mortgage fraud analysis using the intake form above or call FRAUD STOPPERS and their investigation team at 844.372.8378, so you can get the legal remedy that the law entitles you to, and that you deserve. Remember it is not over until you win.



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